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Boulder Creek Stone Products

The future of stone

Boulder Creek Stone Work

The makers of Boulder Creek Stone have been advancing the science of engineered stone for more than 30 years. They have been leading the industry since there's been an industry to lead.
Their products provide homeowners, architects and design professionals with a design component that lends texture, style and character to any structure or environment, be it residential or commercial.

Bring order to Nature's chaos

Our entire organization is committed to creating the world's most realistic and useable manufactured stone. Nature is infinite and unpredictable – our job is to sift through the vastness and create individual products that are consistent in quality but as unique and subtle as the genuine article. It's a painstaking process. Engineers, technicians and craftsmen contribute their talents to create an end product that works as well as it looks.
The chemistry of pigment mixing, the artistry of mold making and a keen understanding of the installation all converge in the halls of Boulder Creek Stone. The result is visual, tactile and emotional.

It's not for everyone

For some people, good enough is fine. We're not those type of people. Boulder Creek makes stone products for discriminating eyes. There's value in excellence… but we suspect if you're reading this, you already knew that. You're like us.

If you would like to learn more about how the Boulder Creek Products installed by Timberline can enhance the look of your home or business call us at 248-627-6470

To learn more about Boulder Creek Products Call Timberline at: 248-627-6470

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