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GoTimberline.com: Code Of Ethics

We pledge to observe the highest standard of integrity, frankness and professional responsibility in dealing with our customers by:

Making no false promises or claims in advertising.

Being certified to install most of the products we handle.

Providing professional courteous reception when the customer calls with an inquiry or request for an estimate.

Keeping appointments at the agreed scheduled time. If a conflict arises, call the owner A.S.A.P. and reschedule prior to the appointment.

Providing a professional estimate of the customers needs or desires.

Providing written specifications for the required project according to manufacturer specifications and industry standards.

Encouraging only projects that are structurally and financially sound.

Being licensed by local authorities and following local requirements.

Being a certified installer by manufacturers when applicable.

Providing proof of insurance to the customer at their request.

Providing customer reference list to the owners.

Fulfilling contract obligations.

Providing manufacturers long term warranty when applicable.

Providing contractor labor warranty.

Maintaining communications with the owner regarding any changes in scheduling, scope of work or unforeseen conditions.

Providing safe work conditions according to OSHA guidelines and industry standards.

Being professionally responsive to the owner’s service calls.

Attending continuing education programs.

Aspiring towards 100% owner satisfaction

Timberline Roofing & Siding , Proudly searving southeast Michigan since 1987!

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